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We sat down with Molly Paradice, committed HOUSE OF SCULPT member, a dedicated local jeweller and successful business owner. Molly shares her brand's underlying inspiration and sheds light on her artistic journey to create each individual piece. A potent reminder that we can always draw inspiration from nature and our surroundings if only we pause for a moment to appreciate them.

Tell us a little about yourself and Made by Molly?

I am Molly Paradice and I am the Founder and creative Director of Made By Molly. I grew up spending most of my time on the coast in a small beach town called Avoca. I always loved spending long summer days with friends and family on the beach, from dawn to dusk, swimming, surfing and sunning. Five years ago when I finished school, I moved to Sydney to study Visual Arts Majoring in Jewellery. When Covid lockdown struck I headed home, like most of us, to escape the chaos of Sydney. Luckily my mum was also a jeweller for many years and has recently moved on to painting and other creative pursuits, leaving her treasure chest of a jewellery studio untouched. When my family started getting on my nerves I would escape to her studio and rummage for hours through stacks and stacks of old beads. I started making pieces for friends and then made an instagram page and 3 years on here we are! 


Where did your inspiration to become a jeweller come from?

I would definitely say my inspo came from my mum and the beach. When I was little I would wake up early and see the light shining from Mums jewellery studio. I would go and sit on the floor and pick up dropped beads while she finished orders or worked on new pieces. Being able to see how pieces were created and appreciate the designs really helped form my personal style which then bled into MBM. Also the beach is a massive inspiration. The laid back easy going style that accompanies the coast is addictive. All the colour and texture I saw as a kid has definitely seeped through into my designs.   

What does the creative process/journey of creating a new piece look like? (Do you sketch, dream up the idea, have a light bulb moment?)

I usually just make something that I want to wear! Sometimes I'll have a new outfit or pair of swimmers and an idea pops into my head of a box of beads I saw a few days ago in my studio that will match perfectly, and then I sit down at my desk and play around until I like it. Other times, like when I am trying to create a bunch of new styles at once for a new collection, (like my Coasta collection launching this Sunday!), I will create a mood board and then buy individual beads I think match the mood. When they arrive it's like Christmas and again I just sit down and play until I come up with something I would wear. 

How long have you been a member with HOUSE OF SCULPT and what draws you to us?

I have been a member with House of Sculpt since it was Sculpt by the Sea, so about 2 and a bit years now! I came to a few of the Tamarama classes, then the Rushcutter's classes, then Zoom through covid and now Bondi and online in between! A million things draw me to House of Sculpt, the pro instructors, the new and exciting movement, the location, the ease but mostly I love the community that Nic and Sash have built. It is such a warm, friendly environment. I love the feeling House of Sculpt gives me, it's like a warm hug every time I finish a class! 

Molly has kindly offered the SCULPT community 15% off her collection using the code 'SCULPT15'. Shop Molly's pieces here!

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