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"Every movement is creative and makes traditional Pilates work fun! Relatable instructors that create a peaceful, transcendent moment out of any burning exercise" - Montana






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"HOUSE OF SCULPT has changed the way I feel and look at myself. My body has changed so much in just 28 days! It has helped me rebuild my confidence and strength within myself, my mindset and body. I have a more positive and kinder internal dialogue. I knew doing this challenge would be an amazing experience, but it has exceeded my expectations. This is an amazing community you are both building and I’m so grateful to be a part of it. Thank you."


"I never used to be a Mat Pilates girl, but the exercises and layers are just so juicy and different that they’re actually exciting and something I look forward to! I also love that there is an undertone of ballet to them! You’re fabulous motivators and I love how real you both are."


"The HOUSE OF SCULPT burn is unparalleled! It is the perfect combination of strength, flexibility and cardio which has made me so much happier mentally and physically. Not a community you come across often."


"I love how inclusive and connected you both are with your community. Your teaching styles are unique and warm. It’s such an attractive movement destination to indulge in and it is just so easy to use and access!"


"It’s convenient, amazing quality workouts, great value for the money, and the workouts are always fresh and exciting. I have never been able to stick to my online workouts until I found HOUSE OF SCULPT”


“I’ve been doing House of Sculpt classes for nearly 2 years and they constantly integrate new techniques/exercises/movements into their class works. Keeps me on my toes! I also have a dance background so I appreciate when exercises are grounded in ballet.”


“It feels achievable and relatable. The attitude the girls have towards movement and Pilates and fitness is grounded and real. They take an intrinsic approach and encourage us to truly get to know our bodies and what feels right.”


Class Types

From newbies to know-it-alls, we've got fresh Pilates classes for every goal and fitness level.


Our signature SCULPT class is a dynamic Mat Pilates class that fuses traditional and contemporary Pilates with a dancer’s expertise. Expect a challenging and rewarding class that ignites a burn like no other. You may need a glass of wine after this workout.


Elevate your heart rate and energise your body with our high intensity style Pilates class. This class will get the endorphins flowing, enhance your stamina and push your limits. Perfectly paired with an ocean dip.


Focus on your form and technique with this low-impact Pilates class. Beginner friendly, this class style prioritises the foundations to enhance your alignment and optimise your practice. Don’t be fooled; this class still brings fire to the flow and leaves you feeling the burn from head to toe.


For some essential R&R, this calming stretch class will leave you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. Experience a deep opening as we guide you through breathwork and expansive stretches to improve flexibility, create space and relieve tension in the body.

Not your regular Pilates

With creative classes, considered teachers, a diverse community and streaming on demand, this is Pilates the fun and flexible way. 

We’re here for the big nights out, the slow stretch mornings, quick lunchtime workouts, sunshine spritzes and end-of-day sweat sessions.

Above all, we're here to help you feel strong, confident and vibrant.

Let's create your flexible forever ritual to suit your lifestyle, personality and goals.

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As renowned movement specialists with 22 years of combined teaching experience, we've developed a unique movement method that strikes the perfect balance between challenging and rewarding.


Nicole’s journey as a ballerina evolved into her dedication to empowering others through movement. As certified mat and reformer Pilates instructor, Nicole goes beyond the surface, encouraging her clients to find the intrinsic value of exercise beyond appearances. Nicole’s TEDx talk in 2023 passionately delves into this perspective, striving to debunk toxic fitness culture and redefine the true essence of physical activity. Her mission revolves around inspiring individuals to embrace exercise as a means of self-discovery and personal growth.


Sascha is a certified Pilates instructor with a background in Psychology and Neuroscience. Her journey with movement began at 3 years old in Ballet class, alongside her Grandmother, who played the piano for the studio. Through Pilates, Sascha found healing from chronic lower back pain and a sustainable movement routine that she truly loves. She shares this passion in her classes, leaving you challenged, energised, and radiant. Her interest in the mind-body connection drove her scientific research, a field she delves into in her TEDx talk 'Mind Your Words'


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