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If you haven’t given pilates a shot yet then I want to know what rock you've been living under?! I'm kidding! – maybe.  You might be missing out on some yummy benefits for your body and mind.  While many people are familiar with the physical benefits of the workout – stronger core muscles, increased flexibility, better posture etc etc – fewer people know about its mental benefits, such as improved mood and anxiety relief. 

Here are 5 reasons you should start Pilates today:

  1. Pilates improves your mood. The dynamic movements in Pilates can increase dopamine levels and boost endorphins which gives you that juicy buzz. Mundane day-to-day things just don't seem so... mundane!
  2. Pilates increases your flexibility. Pilates incorporates movement that can lengthen your muscles leading to more mobility. It will give you the ability to reach things in far away places and generally just feeling like you're walking on clouds. 
  3. Pilates corrects your posture. Pilates is great for correcting muscle imbalances and strengthening your core which can improve your posture. 
  4. Pilates elevates your energy levels. The breathing exercises that guide Pilates movements promote good circulation, improve lung capacity and enhance energy levels—helping to invigorate the mind, brain and body. WIN!
  5. Pilates builds muscle strength. The Pilates repertoire involves strengthening and aligning the entire body leading to greater strength particularly in the core and glutes.

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