How to transform your at-home workout

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The perks of on-demand classes are endless; there's no traffic to the lounge room, there's always a spot in the class, and if the tights that aren’t see-through are in the wash, no biggy.

But sometimes it just doesn’t feel quite right? You might be thinking, how can I get it to feel as good as an in-studio class?

We are going to share our best tips on getting that in-studio buzz right in your living room.

Bodyweight exercises like Pilates are perfect for at-home workouts. Minimal equipment and space is needed - and you can usually find workouts varying from five to 50 minutes to match your mood, and schedule.

Grab your yoga mat, mini weights and transform your on-demand workout with these simple tips.




Crank the tunes

I am probably not alone when I say the groovy playlist really sets the mood in-studio. Find your favourite playlist (I can’t go past old school disco), connect to your speakers and turn up the volume – this will help you stay motivated and push through that beautiful burn. Personally, I love a little pre-workout dance in my lounge room to get the endorphins flowing.

Eliminate distractions

Just like in-studio your phone should be out of reach. Commit to this time, whether it is five or 50 minutes you want to focus on just you and your instructor.


The best workout is the one that gets done. We have all been hit with hefty late cancel fees from studios, but sometimes that fee is the final push you need to just get to class. Set out a realistic workout schedule in your diary for the week, as this will stop you from trying to ‘find’ the time for a class and instead make the time.

Your workout zone

Dedicate a space that is your workout zone. Most of us aren’t blessed with a room we can dedicate to a workout space, but just allocating a space that remains consistent with working out will enable you to feel mentally prepared every time you set up. Keep your additional props and anything else you need neat, and close by.


I know one of the most tempting things about an at-home workout is wearing your PJs, but getting into your workout clothes will help with motivation and performance.

Get an accountability buddy

We all know when you commit to a workout with your bestie you’re much less likely to bail. Text a friend or better yet set up a Facetime session and both jump into a class together. It’s so much more fun to sweat it out and have a laugh at the same time. It's also a perfect way to stay in touch with friends afar!

If you’re struggling to find a friend who has the same schedule as you, connect to your online community – that is the beauty of the digital age!



Keep it interesting

Your in-studio instructors would regularly mix up their class plans to keep everyone engaged and motivated. And you can do the same. Make sure you’re choosing different classes each week to keep it fresh. Yes, we all have our favourites and it’s great to master a class, but if you’re feeling a little stale step outside of your comfort zone! Try that upper body class for a change, or indulge in a stretch class before a cosy night in.

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