SIP’ER is the online version of your friendly neighbourhood bar. They’ve got an abundance of sips to recommend and damn good stories to go with them. Bree and Jenny have done the hard work so we all can sip, discover sip and repeat. YES PLEASE. 

Women are doing all sorts of funky and exciting things in the alcohol and SIP’ER have created a destination to share the stories behind the makers, put the women in the the spotlight and bring the best sips to the forefront. 

We sat down with Bree and Jenny from SIP’ER to talk about two very important things to us. Wine and Business. 

Founders Bree & Jenny

As women in business, what do you think your most powerful asset is? 

As cliche as this may sound, our most powerful asset would probably be each other! There really is something to be said for having a partner when starting and running a business. We both went into this without having prior experience in business or even the alcohol industry itself, so having each other made that learning process a little less intimidating. As individuals, we both have quite different skill sets and ways of thinking, so we’re lucky that we balance each other out quite nicely while still having the same vision for SIP’ER, which (we think/hope) has worked in our favour! 

What is your favourite thing about having your own business?

The flexibility and freedom to do the work we’re passionate about! We come from the marketing services industry where we are constantly executing on a client’s or another company’s vision, so it’s really refreshing to follow our own vision and create something so personal to us. We also love the feedback we’ve gotten from our customers in sharing similar passions around supporting women in the drinks industry, which acts as such an important reminder that we’re creating something that resonates with a wider community, and that’s super rewarding. 

We love that SIP’ER is all about supporting the female maker, sharing their stories and giving their products a platform to be enjoyed by all. What was the driving force behind this ethos?

The alcohol industry is a historically male-dominated one, and we felt like there was still room to improve the spotlight the industry puts on women - we always recognised that women are doing funky & fun things and we wanted more people to notice. It was around the time of International Women’s Day 2021 where we noticed that for the one day of the year, mainstream media loved to do round-ups and listicles of “The top 10 women in X industry”, “These are the women in business to watch”, etc. Once the day was over, these sorts of stories dwindled. We just thought that we should be celebrating women all year round instead of just one day of the year! We combined this thought with our love for trying different drinks (we’re self-proclaimed ‘adventurous drinkers’); and that’s how SIP’ER was born. 

If you could go back and tell yourself one thing before starting this business, what would it be?

It would probably be two things (sorry, going off-brief here): The first thing would be that you don’t have to know everything it takes to starting and running a successful business. You’ll make mistakes - that’s inevitable - but it’s okay! Learn from them and move on. The second would be… Google EVERYTHING. We literally mean everything. It really does help. 

What is the ideal event / evening that is paired with a SIP’ER drink? 

We’re of the opinion that there is no right or wrong way to sip your fave drink! We’re all about encouraging you to sip your own way - whether that’s in a bath, in bed or by a fire - sip the way that makes your soul feel good. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! For us, give us a dirty gin martini with three olives in any setting… 

What is your favourite celebratory drink?

We can’t go past a pet nat! We can literally drink pet nat in any situation and our vibes will instantly be high. That, or it’s the bubbles going straight to our head. 

To purchase from SIP’ER or read more about the makers, visit SIP’ER.

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