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Pilates has long been hailed as one of the most effective forms of exercise out there, and celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston and Madonna have all said Pilates changed their lives.

If you’ve taken one of our signature SCULPT classes you would be unsure if it was possible to intensify those classes anymore…. but there is always room for a little extra spice! By adding small weights like Bala Bangles to your routine, an extra mini class to your schedule or focusing on our mind-body connection with your movements, you can get even better results from our amazing classes.

Add small weights

We recommend adding small weights, roughly 0.5-1.0kg to intensify your workout and challenge your mind and body. You can use ankle and wrist weights for all of our exercises or mini hand weights for any upper body classes. By the end of it those weights won’t be feeling mini! Our favourite weights for Pilates are Bala Bangles which you can find in our shop!

Add a mini class

Adding a HOUSE OF SCULPT mini class at the end of your workout will take the intensity to the next level. These mini classes are a great way to target the muscles you’re wanting to work and turn the heat up. Choose from abs, upper body, lower body or cardio style mini classes to add to your workout next time you roll out your mat.
This is our favourite mini class. See here.

Take the progressions

Throughout our HOUSE OF SCULPT classes you will notice that there are modifications and progressions to either decrease or increase the workout intensity. Take these progression to make your workout more intense.


Concentration is one of the key Pilates principles. Concentration allows you to focus the mind and body to enable the right muscle recruitment for each exercise. When you activate the correct muscles and perfect your technique, your workout will become more challenging and intense.
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