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Most people who try Pilates know that they enjoy the benefits they get from it, but there are some people who can’t commit to Pilates classes on a regular basis. This can lead to them falling off the Pilates wagon, so to speak, which is not beneficial to their overall wellbeing or movement goals. The good news? There’s no need to feel guilty about your Pilates schedule because there’s plenty of research backing up how many pilates classes you should be doing per week to see results. Here’s how many Pilates classes you should be doing to see results!

How often should I take a Pilates class?

The average is about twice a week, but if you’re new to Pilates, do not feel limited by that. Some people can build strength and flexibility more quickly than others—and some simply benefit from an increased frequency of sessions. Find out what works best for your body and schedule, and stick with it! 

What are the best online Pilates classes for me to start with?

If you're interested in beginner Pilates classes, I would recommend starting with our FORM classes. This is a great way for you to get acquainted with your body and how it feels in certain sequences. These are all fundamental exercises that everyone should start out with in order to learn proper alignment, form and technique. Move with us here!

What do I need for my Pilates class?

To take an online pilates class, all you need is a mat, some activewear clothes and a water bottle! Start by doing a quick scan of your living space. Are there any items that will interfere with your practice? An ironing board might not be appropriate for sweeping lunges, and if your kid’s toys are scattered around, it can make reaching for a weight or stool difficult. Try to clear as much of your personal belongings away as possible so that you have room for movement. Also, think about what time of day you would like to practice. Will you feel more awake in a brightly lit room, or do you prefer dimmer lighting at night?

It’s time to start moving: Once your physical environment is ready, it’s time to start preparing yourself mentally and physically for your first online Pilates class! Because each session focuses on building endurance through dynamic movements that target whole body engagement, starting slowly (and stretching) goes hand-in-hand with getting started in general.

What should I do after each Pilates class? 

After an online Pilates class, always keep in mind that your muscles are still slightly contracted. Therefore, it is important to drink water right after your workout so that your body can rehydrate and process nutrients faster. Taking 10-15 minutes of stretching at home will also help with relaxation and flexibility after working out, our MELT classes are a great way to stretch and release your muscles. It is also important to eat within 2 hours post-workout and consume plenty of protein for muscle building and repairing. 

What if my body hurts after taking a Pilates class?

It’s not uncommon for your body to ache after a Pilates class. This means that you are getting stronger and opening up those tight muscles. We recommend treating yourself post Pilates class with an ice bath or hot shower. Ice baths are great as they help reduce swelling and blood pressure. A hot shower is also great because it opens up your pores, which will allow your body to relax after a workout!

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