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Have you ever found yourself too intimidated to try Pilates because you assume it’s going to be too hard? If so, you aren’t alone. A lot of people assume Pilates is only for really fit and flexible people who spend all day at the gym working out. The truth is that Pilates can be as challenging or as easy as you want it to be, so there’s no reason why you can’t dive in! Here are some tips to help you with this transformative movement style and show you how easy it really can be to get started with Pilates.


Modifications are a part of any class to help us safely & effectively develop strength. It is important to listen to what modifications are available, so you can participate as safely as possible while also challenging yourself with more advanced exercises as your body progresses. Once you know how to use these modifications, you’ll be able to modify every exercise! 

Use Breathing As A Cue To Get Back In Control

When you're about to lose your mind in a class, take a deep breath and remind yourself that only 10 more minutes of torture remain. It helps pass the time, calm you down and can help you engage your core better. The next time you find yourself beginning to get overwhelmed or frustrated, use breathing as a cue to help refocus your mind on your workout. 

Practice Makes Perfect

Whether you’re just starting out or trying to advance your progress, practice is an essential component of staying committed to Pilates and reaping the benefits! Practice will help you build muscle memory for difficult exercises and teach you how to perform more advanced moves with confidence. Ultimately, regular practice can help keep you injury-free by strengthening weak muscles, improving flexibility, and increasing bone density.

By adapting the class through modifications, using breath to guide movement & practicing regularly, you can begin to perform Pilates safely & effectively. Try our 7 day free trial & reap the benefits!

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