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First thing’s first, welcome to Pilates! Pilates is so transformative for the mind & body. We would recommend at least two Pilates classes per week. However, what is most important is consistency, even one class per week is enough to reap the benefits! 

The perks of practicing Pilates regularly

A well-balanced Beginner Pilates routine will help you reach or maintain your ideal weight, build strong bones and muscles, and fight back against common ailments like arthritis and chronic back pain. It will also keep your mind clear and focused while helping to improve posture and balance. Regular Pilates practice also gives your immune system a boost by increasing circulation throughout your body, while also boosting core strength & stability. The best part is that these perks don’t stop once you get there!

Tips to practice consistently

Research shows that you don’t need to practice Pilates everyday to see results. In fact, making consistent time for Pilates is better than sporadic, spaced-out practices. Be sure to have a goal of what you want to achieve by practicing Pilates regularly and stick with it! Using the House of Sculpt  Weekly Schedule to get you organised is a great start. Additionally, we recommend syncing up your Pilates workouts with a friend or lover to keep you accountable. Pilates is always more fun with a friend! 

Why Pilates is worth it

Pilates can be done almost anywhere. It doesn’t require any equipment and most moves don’t require much space, which makes it great for home workouts. But don’t underestimate its power—Pilates can truly transform your body from head to toe! Trust us when we say that once you get into it, those weekly Pilates sessions will start to fly by! Soon enough you will find yourself asking if you have time for more than two...because that’s how addictive Pilates is! We look forward to hearing about your progress with our HOUSE OF SCULPT classes!

When you feel like taking a break

Taking breaks are important to prevent yourself from burning out. Make sure to listen to your body and if it feels tired or strained don’t push through it! If you are struggling with motivation, our motto is "you never regret a workout" – try and think back to how good you feel post-Pilates and let that feeling motivate you to get on your mat. 


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